This Sunday I’ll be travelling to the historical town of Bendigo for their annual Record, Comic & Toy Fair. This was something I only heard about after the fact last year, but all that were on the ball enough to be involved were incredibly positive about the whole experience. I was fortunate to meet the organiser at Armageddon last year and have hence been able to ensure that I don’t miss out on being a part of the fair this year. Of course, I’ll be taking Falling Star with me and attending alongside a seemingly increasing number of Melbourne-based creators under the banner of Melbourne Comics, which will also bring the very successful Melbourne Comics Quarterly. It should be a great day and I’m really looking forward to a bit of road trip and the opportunity to get to know a new audience.

BENDIGO Record Comics and Toy Fair-red

Melbourne Comics Creators confirmed for the event are:

Cristian Roux – SAUCE’s Falling Star
Darren CloseKilleroo
Matt Kyme – That Bulletproof Kid
Tom Tung – Xscript Fiction – The Stories and Art of Thomas Tung
Craig Bruyn – From Above
Neville Howard – Melbourne Comics and Gaining Velocity
Alana Bruyn – Melbourne Comics and From Above

The Bendigo Record, Comic & Toy Fair Facebook event page below has more details on how to get yourself there.

Melbourne Comics-BENDIGO

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