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I’m pleased to announce that at the culmination of many months of hard work, the third issue of my ongoing comic series, Falling Star, is now complete. Completing a project that you’ve been thoroughly immersed in for some time is one of those things that is both simultaneously a relief as well as traumatic. A relief, as I will suddenly have access to that thing that is otherwise unknown while engaged in a project, ‘free time’ and yet, traumatic for pretty much similar reasons. No doubt my incredibly supportive and understanding partner will also be happy to see more of me than just my head silhouetted against the twin screens of my computer for change — at least hopefully…

As is the nature with many artistic endeavours, a new project provides a neat platform to take all that was learned from producing the previous project and apply it to the current one. Issue three has been no exception, and with two issues behind me, in addition to a number of shorter works, I’ve revelled in being able to challenge myself creatively and build upon not just the visual aesthetics of the book but also my story telling prowess. Again, at the end of the process, there seems to have been so much I’ve learned that if I were to start the book again at this point in time, it would probably be quite different. In fact, I can pretty much guarantee this will happen but it’ll be called, ‘issue four’.

For the meantime however, the focus is on the currently available two issues and soon to be third issue of Falling Star. Falling Star 3 will be launching in conjunction with the other fine local independent publications such as Melbourne Comics Quarterly #1 (featuring From Above, Falling Star, That Bullet Proof Kid, Killeroo and POKI the Rabbit), From Above #6 and That Bulletproof Kid #3. Updates and further details of the event can be found at the Facebook Event Page or on the SAUCE! Facebook Page.

Falling Star 3 launches on Sunday, 25 January, (what is sometimes affectionately termed, ‘Australia Day Eve’) between 1pm – 4pm at Gasolina. Issues one and two of Falling Star will also be available for purchase on the day.

cristian roux, illustration, logo, design, comics, art, sequential, portfolio

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