What can I say? This was a big one, which probably accounts for why it’s a little later than I originally anticipated. I think my initial estimates were possibly May, which seems somewhat laughably optimistic in hindsight. Nevertheless, Falling Star #4 is now complete and the files sent to the printer, amidst mixed feelings of relief and perhaps even that certain amount of anxiety that always accompanies any kind of finalising action to a creative project.

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By far my most ambitious comic to date and dare I say, finally managing to scrape against what my aspirations for the series have been from the start – the desire to tell allegorical stories. I’ve always felt that genre fiction is at its best when it has something beyond being simply an action romp. I think that super hero stories particularly lend themselves to metaphor as it sometimes seems to me that these kind of stories have been used for the entirety of human civilisation for exactly this purpose. In my cheekier moments I’d probably suggest that these kind of stories have helped define our moral outlook and millions have happily given up their lives in their endorsement. Not that I’m expecting anyone to make the Ultimate Sacrifice after reading this issue, I’d be happy with them simply encouraging others to buy a few copies.

The fourth issue of Falling Star is entitled Cara’s Story and is the first in what is envisioned as a trilogy in the Monsters story arc. The story focuses on Cara, a character who has previously appeared in issues one and two and her efforts to get by in a society riddled with anxiety and suspicion over the growing Alter crisis. What does she have to fear and what is behind her obsession with insects? Agents exercise newly granted powers to respond to the crisis while these same powers are debated on national television. And, what is the connection with the continuing disappearances of people?

Falling Star #4 will be launching into the world as part of the Sweet Comics Launch at All Star Comics on Saturday, 29 August alongside, Tales to Admonish, That Bullet Proof Kid, Mini Tom and Hard Boiled.

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Banner artwork by Thomas Tung

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