It’s well past time to post new pages, don’t you think?

To tell the truth, I’ve had some of these pages for a little while. The first few were originally available for public scrutiny in a small black & white anthology of my own works, with a very tiny print run, for Supanova. I called it SAUCE!#0 which may at least elicit a smirk from anyone that fell prey to ‘collecting’ comics in the nineties, such as I did. It’s been a little while since the expo, so, I’m happy to say, there are more pages – brand spanking new pages – than were in that publication, but I’m going to bring everyone up to speed first.

So, the plan is that starting from today, I’m going to publish a page a week online and we’re going to have ourselves a Falling Star Marathon, which, if I have to admit, I quite like the sound of! Of course, in the mean time while that’s going on, I’ll be working away on even more Falling Star pages, so who knows, perhaps the stars will align and it will be one smooth production line of continuous story. Ha! That would be something, wouldn’t it?

If you need a refresher, or you’d like to start from the beginning, you can do so here with the prologue. But, if you’d prefer to leap straight back into the action, click here to start reading the first chapter. The images in this post also link to the story.

I’ll admit, the first new page is just a teaser. It was a little different in print but I didn’t think that what was in print would work so well online and of course, what’s online doesn’t quite work in print. Anyway, I hope you get a kick out of it. And, if you do, please pass the word around, like SAUCE! on facebook, or even on twitter.

Falling Star_COMET

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