It’s been a bit quiet on the website front over the last few months, partly because I’ve been trying to work out the best way to use this site but mostly because I’ve had my head down and thoroughly immersed in a number of creative projects. If you’ve been following my social media feeds, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter you’ll probably already have seen some of the work but may not have all the details. And so, that’s where this website will come into play – once a month I’ll upload a post with details about the current projects I’m working on.

The project I’m primarily focused on completing at the moment is six page horror short story written by James Broadhurst. James contacted me via this website and asked whether I’d be interested in drawing his story. It was an offer that came at the right time as it had been in my head for a little while that a collaboration on a small project would be great to re-energise creative juices and push me in directions I wouldn’t normally go. After reading the script I was enthused and saw a lot of opportunity to play around with different ideas and ways of telling a story and so I set to work.

Character Designs

I started by developing the character designs, liaising with James to confirm that this worked with his vision of the characters.

Page Designs

Once the character designs were settled, I proceeded to reread the script, combing it for details and making rough sketch notes of images, scenes and atmospheric devices. These sketches were reworked into thumbnails of page layouts which were then scanned into the computer and developed into more detailed drawings of the proposed pages.

Inking Process

After running the page roughs past the writer to iron out any kinks, I then printed the ‘pencils’ on A3 paper and used a non-photo blue lead to refine the detail and a fineliner for the inking. When all the line work  is complete, I’ll add an ink wash to build depth and tone to the images – for this reason I’ll use Spot Blacks sparingly.

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