Apologies to those of you that have already seen me share this on social media. 

For those of you not on social media, I recently had the pleasure of appearing on Kieran Jack‘s fantastic podcast, The Halftone Effect where we talked about my experiences as a comic creator.

Kieran’s a passionate comic creator and an enthusiastic supporter of the Australian comics scene. Scrolling through the history of Halftone Effect episodes the first thing you see is that Kieran’s managed to compile an incredible list of in depth interviews with some fantastic Australian comic creators.

While Kieran and I have been crossing paths at various conventions (usually Homecooked and Indie Comic Con) for a number of years now, and shooting the breeze quickly in-between set-up, pack-up and tabling duties, this was the first time we’d actually had a chance for an extended conversation.

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The Halftone Effect – Tools of the Trade | 2020 | Patreon