Ok, so admittedly it has been a while since I’ve posted anything on the site, but don’t take this as an indication that it’s been all quiet on the creativity and productivity front. It has, in fact, been the exact opposite!

My present focus has been about preparing a physical portfolio of work, along with additional enticing promo Give-aways,  for the the approaching Supanova Convention in Melbourne. Full of nervous excitement about this course of action, I now feel I have a deeper understanding of how little dogs feel.

Sadly, my first idea for promotional stickers was a bust, as after reading the small print T&C’s, stickers are apparently a prohibited item at conventions.

Exhibit A, Contraband:


I guess I’ve got a pile of these for something else now…

After racking my brains for an alternative, my brilliant partner suggested the elegantly simple solution of bookmarks. Despite some (in hindsight, comical) printing theatrics I finally brought home a stack of A4 double sided sheets to be cut into strips.


Worst case scenario – I can half start a lot of books in the future.


And, on the back? Cool, huh?


Yes, that is a previously unseen page. Although, if you scroll back to my previous post, you might find a resemblance to one of the pencilled pages. The pages in my previous post, along with a couple of extras, have all been completed but I’ve held off putting them online for the moment.

However, that hasn’t prevented me from having them, as well as my other comic pages, printed in nice and large A3 for the portfolio. I have to say, it’s been kind of reassuring to have the work actually printed instead of just existing digitally.


There’s more to come, but for the moment we’re at the mercy of the postman and so we wait…

and wait…

and cross our fingers…

The Supanova Pop Culture Expo is on April 12- 14 at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

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