A small note, partly as I’ve written a much longer one at the end of the chapter, to let you know that the second chapter of Office Zombie is finally here. In the interests of continually challenging myself and (hopefully) improving, the second chapter is in gruesome full colour.

The opening page is actually an animated gif., if it doesn’t play copy the link – http://comics.cristianroux.com/officezombie/Office-Zombie-Start.html – and post it into the address bar of your browser as it seems to work fine then. It’s only a short animation but it was quite considered and I did have fun putting it together, trying a few different variations until I nailed the one that was after.

If I typed something like, I’m going to have a short break now while I work on the next project, I’m sure it would come as a great surprise as my creatively productive breaks seem to be anything but, ‘short’ – apologies there. But, I am going to be taking some time to polish concepts for the next work which will be longer. I’ll do my best to upload interim posts of interest to keep the site alive and beating.

Thanks for reading – hope you enjoy!


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