Well, what an incredibly exhausting but incredibly amazing weekend. As expected the event was extremely busy, however I was fortunately able to grab a couple of snaps before the venue was inundated by the surging hordes of the pop culture hungry.

 Happily, the public debut of SAUCE! was, despite the many (foolish but inevitable) restless nights leading up to Supanova, quite satisfying. I was able to speak to many new folk and had the pleasure to discover just how enthusiastically SAUCE! was generally received. It even sold better than I might have dared to hope, in that a number of absolute strangers were willing to part with their hard earned cash in order to possess a copy. One of the many people who took an interest was a roving reporter from ComicsOnline who was kind enough to ensure that SAUCE! rates a mention in his review of Supanova 2013.


It’s day one and with mere minutes to go I’m a seething mass of nervous excitement unsure of what to expect next.


Here’s a closer picture with a clearer view of what I had on display.


And, this is a picture, taken on the morning of second day, of my attractive and illustrious assistants to whom I am eternally grateful for their help and support throughout this wild event.


Oh, wow, and here is more documented proof of the product itself!

 So, after such a hugely successful event, where do I go now? Well, on my horizon lies, burgeoning into reality, new pages for Falling Star. Falling Star is probably going to remain my main focus for the moment, however this by no means any indication that I have forgotten about, or lost interest in Office Zombie or John Christie, Detective. I’ll endeavour to document the creative process and post regular updates for your enjoyment!

And, for those of you that work that way there’s now SAUCE! on facebook which I’ll keep fairly closely linked to this site.

Thanks for reading!

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