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Falling Star #4

August 14, 2015

What can I say? This was a big one, which probably accounts for why it’s a little later than I originally anticipated. I think my initial estimates were possibly May, which seems somewhat laughably optimistic in hindsight. Nevertheless, Falling Star #4 is now complete and the files sent to the printer, amidst mixed feelings of […]

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Bendigo Record, Comic and Toy Fair

March 20, 2015

This Sunday I’ll be travelling to the historical town of Bendigo for their annual¬†Record, Comic & Toy Fair. This was something I only heard about after the fact last year, but all that were on the ball enough to be involved were incredibly positive about the whole experience. I was fortunate to meet the organiser […]

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Get on the SAUCE!

June 18, 2014

In celebration of the culmination of six months of creative intensity manifesting in the publication of Falling Star 2, enter the ‘Get on the SAUCE!‘ competition to win yourself a free copy! To ‘Get on the SAUCE!‘ and WIN a copy of FALLING STAR 2: 1. ‘Like’ the SAUCE!¬†Facebook Page 2. ‘Share’ posts with your […]

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