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Melbourne Supanova Pop Culture Expo 2014

April 10, 2014

I’ve had my head down working like a maniac on Falling Star #2 for the last few months. If you’d like to find out how that’s coming along, I’ll have a table (number 86) in Artist Alley at Melbourne Supanova, this weekend. Last year was the first year that I’d ever had a table at […]

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April 19, 2013

 Well, what an incredibly exhausting but incredibly amazing weekend. As expected the event was extremely busy, however I was fortunately able to grab a couple of snaps before the venue was inundated by the surging hordes of the pop culture hungry.  Happily, the public debut of SAUCE! was, despite the many (foolish but inevitable) restless nights […]

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Saucy Preview!

March 29, 2013

And, the postman was kind to me this week as he dropped off a little package containing some more Comic Convention preparations. I’m quite chuffed with this and I think it turned out much nicer than I dared hope – so, the look of surprise is quite real (obviously, I’m already familiar with the outcome […]

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Conventional Thinking…

March 25, 2013

Ok, so admittedly it has been a while since I’ve posted anything on the site, but don’t take this as an indication that it’s been all quiet on the creativity and productivity front. It has, in fact, been the exact opposite! My present focus has been about preparing a physical portfolio of work, along with […]

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